How to Lose a Stone in a Month Avoiding Boring Weight Loss Methods

I’d like to take a guess at why you’re here (and let me know if I’m way off here) – you want to learn how to lose a stone in a month. And you’re probably here expecting the usual advice that everyone gives you. You know – the same old stuff which doesn’t actually work?

To hell with that.

The usual advice is ‘spend ten hours a day in the gym’ or spending a ridiculous amount of money on those ‘weight loss foods’ and crazy diets. But let me ask you something – and this should really make you think.

If this kind of thing is really as easy as people try to make out then why do they hardly ever work? The common answer is “Oh, they didn’t stick with their diet” or “They didn’t work hard enough” but this is just nuts. I’m sure we all know at least one person who kill themselves with diets and workouts and don’t seem to get anywhere. Or, worse, they get somewhere and then almost immediately put it back on. Heck maybe you’ve been there yourself.

stone in a month fat cat

In some corner of the world there’s a group of “weight loss fat cats” as I like to call them who keep pushing the same stuff on us. They sell us the same overpriced rubbish and tell us we’re talking crazy when we ask is it possible to lose a stone in a month. Let me show you an example conversation with a weight loss fat cat (or a “WLFC” as I like to call them):

Beth: Hey! I have this wedding to go to and I’m dying to lose weight in time.

WLFC (Weight Loss Fat Cat): That’s great no problem at all, we’ll get you there!

Beth: That’s great! So I have a month to get there and I’d like to lose a stone in a month

WLFC: Can’t be done.

Beth: What? But I’ve seen people…

WLFC: Go to the gym 10 hours a day, buy nothing but our expensive food and maybe within 6 months or so…

Beth: Maybe I’ll just ask someone else.

But I’m not one of these fat cats. I worked with some for a while but I didn’t like what I saw and made a prompt exit stage left. I started taking a look into ways of actually helping people lose weight and I found a different type of weight loss fat cat (WLFC) – I found the Weight Loss Scam Cat (WLSC). And honestly I don’t know which I think is worse. Let me show you an example conversation you can expect to have with one of them…

Dave: Hey!

WLSC (Weight Loss Scam Cat): Hey you wanna lose some weight?

Dave: Uhm… Yes actually I’m sick of feeling…

WLSC: Great! Buy this!

Dave: …what?

WLSC: You said you wanted to lose weight right? Buy this!

Dave: … but

WLSC: How much weight did you want to lose?

Dave: I was hoping to lose a stone in a month

WLSC: A month? I’ll get you there in half an hour. Buy this!

Dave: Maybe I’ll just ask someone else…

So I decided to become that ‘someone else’. I escaped the clutches of the weight loss fat cats pushing their high costs and insanely expensive diets and the weight loss scam cats who will tell you anything just to see the contents of your wallet. And don’t worry… I have your back. Let me show you a conversation I’ve had:

Tom: Hey Chris!

Chris: Hey man, how’s that diet going?

Tom: No good, no matter what I try I end up in the same place.

Chris: Didn’t you lose a stone a few months ago?

Tom: Yeah, but I put it straight back on again.

Chris: How much are you spending on all of this?

Tom: I dread to think. And I don’t even know how long I can keep this up. I was so sure I’d make it this time…

Chris: Come with me, I’ve something to show you…

It’s so easy to lose motivation and energy to stick with your weight loss when you don’t see results and you’re told the exact same kind of thing which hasn’t worked up ’till now.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap between the trap between the fat cats and the scams to doing the same thing over and over and never seeing results.

But it’s actually so easy to learn how to lose a stone in a month (and keep it off) without any of these crazy diets, hours of cardio and expensive rubbish. All you need to do is pull the wool from in front of your eyes.

But first I need to ask you a question.

How come two different people can be at the same weight, gender, determination, fitness and even using the same diet and start at the same time.

… Yet one seems to get nowhere. Stays around the same weight, keeps falling for the next promise and buying the next diet food that never seem to make any difference.

… while the other changes their life and has the body they’ve been looking for by doing just one little thing differently?

Would you like to hear the story of the two people?

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